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The Third Man

Locations in Vienna of the movie, The Third Man


Titanic Disaster Lecture delived by Roy Brander on the Titanic Disaster, with comparison with the Challenger disaster.

Grand Rapids American Pie Lipdub

In 2011 the city of Grand Rapids organized and filmed a massive lipdub (the music was a recording of a live concert by Donald Mclean, and the people in the video were pretending to sing the song) of American Pie 50 years after its release. The film was all shot in one long continuous take through downtown Grand Rapids with lots of people from the town taking part. It is an amazing film, and oddly touching. Ebert called it the greatest music video of all times.

Grand Rapids American Pie LipDub.

Route of the shoot through the streets of downtown Grand Rapids

The Making of the Grand Rapids Lip Dub
Grand Rapids Lip Dub American Pie rehearsals  

Optical Illusions

Zoom Flicker

This is an example of what my clients see when I as a zoom host do a screen share with the Whiteboard on zoom. (Mandriva 7.1 updated, KDE Plasma desktop, Intel onboard graphics card. I have tried zoom 5.0, 5.2 and 5.4 and all have this problem

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