W.G. Unruh, Professor

B.Sc., Manitoba (67)
M.A., Ph.D., Princeton (69, 71)
NRC Postdoct., Birbeck Coll., London (71--72)
A.P. Sloan Fell., (76--82)
UBC Killam Sr. Fell. & Visit. Sci., Chicago, Cambridge & Santa Barbara (83--84)
Rutherford Medal, Royal Society of Canada
CAP Herzberg Medal (83)
Steacie Fellow (84--86); Steacie Prize (84)
FRSC (83) 
Rutherford Lect., RSC (85)
JSPS Sr. Fell., Japan (86)
Fell. & Director, Cosmology Programme, CIAR (86--)
J. Bieley Award UBC (89)
Killam Sr. Research Prize UBC (90)
CAP Medal of Achievement (95)
Killam Prize in Natural Sciences --Canada Council (96)
CAP/CRM Medal in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics (96)

Research Interests

Selected Publications

"Time and the Interpretation of Canonical Quantum Gravity", Phys. Rev. D40, 2598--2614 (1989), W.G. Unruh and R. Wald.

"Notes on Black Hole Evaporation", Phys. Rev. D14, 870 (1976), W.G. Unruh.

"Quantum Decoherence and Brownian Motion of a Harmonic Oscillator", Phys. Rev. D ???, W.G. Unruh and W.H. Zurek.

"An introduction to the Multi-Grid Method for Numerical Relativists", General Rel. & Grav. 18, 813 (1985), M. Choptuik and W.G. Unruh.