HyperSpace at UBC

Welcome to HyperSpace, a set of hypertext based services for general relativity research provided by the UBC general relativity and cosmology group. We have the following:

The UBC GR group

We're part of the theoretical physics group located in the physics department of the beautiful UBC campus in Vancouver, BC, and are working in pretty much all areas of gravity research. Here you can find out who we are, and a little bit about what we're doing:

GR Address searches

Here we have a nifty forms-based program, GR, that searches a list of e-mail and snail mail addresses important to the GR community. The list and software comes from QMW, but the software was originally developed at UBC. It has many personas that cross-reference each other in an intelligent way so that searching is made easy. It also gives links to various preprint databases. We have the following: or you can access a simple version of each persona if you do not have forms support: Note that we also keep a list of temporary addresses for people on the move.

GRNews: The General Relativity News Archives

Lots of GR news is sent out from QMUL via L. Rezzolla at the Albert Einstein Institute in Germany. list (click here for more information on the list). We have an archive of these items You can access the following categories of items

General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Preprints

These are at the preprint database at LANL. However, you may prefer to use GRpeople to search for papers written by a specific author.

Classical and Quantum Gravity Online Journal

This is the Classical and Quantum Gravity Online Journal. The articles in TEX form show up here about 3 weeks before publication. If your institution subscribes to the printed journal, you can read the articles. If it does not You can still read the table of contents.

Matters of Gravity

The newsletter of the American Physical Society Topical Group in Gravitation

This is an electronic journal for the GR community, which was maintained by Jorge Pullin and available on his server. Since 2006 it is maintained by D Garfinkle and is available on his site All files are in gzip compressed postscript form or as pdf files.

General Relativity and Gravitation Society

These are archives of the information that Malcolm MacCallum distributes. Notice that we have our own software to search the mailing list.

Other Relativity Web Sites

Other relativity groups are coming onto the Web. Here are some important ones, but to search for others, use GR, or get the complete list.
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