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This form-based service will search a database of preprints which have been sent to the theoretical preprint library, and which are kept in the lunchroom off the Department of Physics main office. The title and up to three authors are entered for each paper and the papers are grouped into 6 subjects: AS astrophysics, FT field theory, GP general physics, GR general relativity, PP particle physics, SS solid state. Each paper is assigned a number of the form subject-year-number. Simply type the text that you wish to search for (case insensitive, can be more than one word), and specify which year(s) you want. If your browser can't handle forms, you can still make a search

Any questions, suggestions, comments, or problems with the contents of the list can be sent to the preprint librarian (Scott Hayward) at extension 2-6144, or via email to

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