Physics 530 Spring 2021

General Relativity


Final Exam

Final Exam Released at 8:30AM Apr 19 PDT

WARNING: On the original final posted, questions 1 and 5 were the same (I have no idea how that happened as I proofread at least 2 times) but the old quesiton 5 has been removed. There are now 6 questions, and you are to do 5.

The exam will be a 24 hr open book exam starting on Mon Apr 19 at 8:30 AM PDT (15:30 UTC) and going to 8:30 AM PDT (15:30 UTC) Tues Apr 20.
The finished exam must be sent to me at my email address by 8:30 AM Apr 20 PDT If due to reasons beyond your control, it is impossible to send it to me, please phone me ( +1 604 7365745 or +1 778 238 7962) to let me know of the problem before 8:30 Tues.
While it is open book that does not mean that you can consult with, or in any way communicate with any other person about the exam during that time period. You will be asked to sign a statement to that effect on the exam. Any such communication  is academic misconduct with all of the consequences attached to such misconduct.



Midterm-- Click here for midterm exam on or after 2:00PM Pacific Standard Time



Various details about the course.



Lectures are on Zoom. Contact me for the details.


No assigned text book. There are a number of books which are useful There are a number of other books available as well. I will also upon occasion put up some lecture notes, Assignments, announcements here My office is Henn 311 (inside to table and turn right) The return assignment tray is beside the door. Phone: (604) 822 3853 Course: This will cover the field of gravity or General Relativity. I intend to cover gravity waves fairly extensively, but will also cover Tensor analysis, Black hole solutions, and quantum effects around black holes. There will be assignments in the course worth from 20-25% of the grade, an essay due on the last day of class (worth 30-35%) and a final exam worth the rest of the marks.

Statement re remote learning

During this pandemic, the shift to online learning has greatly altered teaching and studying at UBC, including changes to health and safety considerations. Keep in mind that some UBC courses might cover topics that are censored or considered illegal by non-Canadian governments. This may include, but is not limited to, human rights, representative government, defamation, obscenity, gender or sexuality, and historical or current geopolitical controversies. If you are a student living abroad, you will be subject to the laws of your local jurisdiction, and your local authorities might limit your access to course material or take punitive action against you. UBC is strongly committed to academic freedom, but has no control over foreign authorities (please visit,33,86,0 for an articulation of the values of the University conveyed in the Senate Statement on Academic Freedom). Thus, we recognize that students will have legitimate reason to exercise caution in studying certain subjects. If you have concerns regarding your personal situation, consider postponing taking a course with manifest risks, until you are back on campus or reach out to your academic advisor to find substitute courses. For further information and support, please visit: resources/freedom-expression

Plagerism, cheating, etc

In one word


Here is an extract of a note from the Physics student coordinator:

Ian Cavers (Associate Dean of Science) has already sent more cheating cases from Science to the President's Advisory Committees on Student Discipline (PACSD) than PACSD normally deals with in a full year from the whole university, and he is doing a lot of filtering. So please -

Chat Channel

There is apparently a UBC graduate STudent chat channel where you can drop in to talk with other grad students. I have no idea how this works, but it may offer a place where you can meet up with other students taking this course to discuss problem, assignments, confusions, etc. I have no used it so cannot offer any advice. If anyone wants to give more information, pls email me, and I can post it here.


Feb 23, 2021 1 hour exam Closed book, via Zoom.